Baoji Jiaxin Filter Materials Tech Co., Ltd.

Become a leading supplier of filter aterials in China.

Provide innovative value to customers,  realize dreams for employees, provide a cleaner living environment for people.

Innovation, Responsibility, Professional, Solidarity,Dedication, Learning, Customer Value, Result-oriented

Committed to creating continuous innovative filter materials;

Fully integrate upstream and downstream resources, carry out strategic cooperation, enhance the sustainable development of the enterprise;

Become the advocate of focusing on the continuous growth of customer value;

Provide high-quality products for global filter enterprises.

Continue to provide customers with first-class quality innovative products and high-quality and efficient services;

Help employees grow up healthily and provide a platform for creating a happy life

Go hand in hand with practitioners who improve the human living environment;

Innovation: Only by continuous innovation can we have more vitality;

Responsibility: Only when all employees of the enterprise shoulder the mission, can the common dream be realized;

Professional: Because of professionalism, it is trustworthy;

Solidarity: The interests of the team are greater than the interests of the individual, and the honor of the team is supreme, uniting and generating strength;

Dedication: Work hard to achieve the expected results within the specified time;

Learning: Learning continuously, there will be continuous progress, and will not be eliminated;

Customer value: The customer pays me salary, and the customer's request is the standard;

Result-oriented: You are wasting other people's lives by messing around. Remuneration without results is a shame, and results beyond expectations are glorious.

     Jiaxin adheres to the concept of "mutual development", drives the company's development by continuously satisfying customer needs. Jiaxin adheres to the principle of "profit sharing" and allocates a certain amount of profit to employees every year to share the company's success and harvest.

     Jiaxin takes the realization of the new value of customers as its own responsibility, with in-depth understanding of customers, deep professional ability, continuous innovation ability and good service, to provide customers with cost-effective and attractive products, internally through learning and practice enhance professional capabilities, communicate and study the challenges faced by customers externally, and constantly rely on the advent of new products to meet customer needs, and rive to become the leading supplier in the field of filter materials.

Jiaxin regards customers, employees, shareholders and partners as an indispensable part of the entire value chain. While shaping itself as the world's leading supplier of professional filter materials, it also strives to serve customers, employees, shareholders, and partners. Create higher value with society.

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Baoji Jiaxin Filter Materials Tech Co., Ltd.